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Celebrating Innovation and Teamwork: Reflecting on the GREENOVET International Competition in Graz


This past April, the charming city of Graz became the epicenter of innovation in sustainability and vocational education as it hosted the exhilarating GREENOVET International Competition from April 15th to 19th. Held in the heart of Austria, this five-day event was a dynamic blend of competition, collaboration, and innovation, aimed at advancing the fields related to our project and the four Centers of Vocational Excellence (CoVEs).

A Warm Welcome and Foundation Building

The competition began at the AULA on Rechbauerstraße, where participants were greeted warmly and introduced to the ambitious GREENOVET Project. The first day set the stage with an overview of the week's agenda and a quick guide to Graz, followed by detailed presentations about the competition tasks. After lunch, the attendees participated in team-building exercises designed to foster collaboration and spark creativity among diverse groups.

Immersion and Development

As the competition intensified, students and the GREENOVET team divided their activities across different venues. Students dove deep into their projects, working collaboratively within their teams and benefiting from intermittent coaching sessions aimed at steering their projects towards innovative solutions. Concurrently, the GREENOVET team engaged in pivotal meetings to discuss updates and lessons learned from regional roundtables, seamlessly integrating strategic discussions with hands-on student mentoring.

Refining and Perfecting

On the penultimate day, participants were focused on refining their ideas and perfecting their pitches. They spent the day finalizing their presentations and solutions to the challenges posed at the beginning of the week. Meanwhile, the GREENOVET team was busy preparing for the conference and wrapping up discussions on various work packages, ensuring that all collaborative efforts were aligned with the project's overarching goals.

Showcase and Celebration

The competition culminated back at the AULA, where teams presented their results. Each team had a brief opportunity to showcase their work followed by a question-and-answer session, providing a platform not just to impress the jury but also to engage with an audience of peers and professionals. The event reached its peak with an award ceremony that honored the most innovative and effective solutions. This was followed by a networking lunch, where participants connected over shared interests and future collaborations.

The competition was not merely a test of knowledge and skill but a celebration of the potential that collaborative innovation holds in advancing sustainability in vocational education. Through intense teamwork, expert coaching, and a stimulating environment, participants left Graz enriched with enhanced skills, deeper knowledge, and lasting connections that promise to extend beyond the confines of this event.

Keep an eye on our blog for more updates, insights, and highlights from what was undoubtedly a week full of compelling challenges and breakthroughs in the realm of vocational excellence and sustainability.