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The Greenovet team conducted a skill gap analyses in each of the participating regions: Styria, Vaasa, Leiria and Skopje. This gap leads to difficulties for individuals to find a job and for employees to find appropriately trained workers. The attention  is  focused  on  green  innovation  and  this  analysis  provides  input  from  both  employers  and  VET  providers,  with  regard  to  a  greener,  better  and  more  sustainable  future  in  professional  life. 
The goal of the analysis was to assess the difference between the actual and the future, desired state with regard to green innovation. Due to each region’s specific characteristics, potential, strengths and weaknesses,  the  research process  of  skills  gap  followed  the  same  flow,  with  almost the same structure, adapted in accordance with the needs.
The analyses show that, in each region, there is a need for revision of the existing educational programs and their extension with new and modern contents in line with contemporary society and the rapidly changing industrial needs.
Almost all participants in the regional surveys believe they could benefit from the services of the CoVEs.
Read the summary report which presents the regional skills gap analyses conducted in line with the Smart  Specialisation  Strategies  (S3)  in  each  of  the  participating  regions here:!Akwql-vDivh2gZVaym4IrkLBKPyY9Q?e=8Q6GSm