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Center for Vocational Education and Training for Green Innovation (CoVE) in Skopje

By the end of 2021, the Center for Vocational Education and Training for Green Innovation (CoVE) will become implemented in Skopje, Northern Macedonia. In addition to this, three other CoVEs will become opened in Styria - Austria, Vaasa - Finland and Leiria - Portugal.
CoVEs get formed in close cooperation with the business sector, researchers from universities and professional schools. All of this will contribute to the development of an innovative, inclusive and sustainable economy.
Despite different strategies in each country due to their education culture and laws, CoVEs have the same objective: To encourage the development of education and vocational training in the sphere of Green Innovation across Europe.


Though, the biggest challenge these CoVEs face is establishing a link between industry and educational institutions. The lack of staff facing the business sector across Europe is a problem. Vocational schools are not attractive enough to draw more students, and therefore, they look for support in the need to grow and boost their businesses. With different services, CoVEs aim to help diverse regions' target groups, such as higher education institutions, education and vocational training providers, industries/companies, public authorities and students.