Projekt och evenemang som marknadsförs av GREENOVET

Innovative Solutions for Sustainable Bottled Water Choices Emerge from International Green Innovation Competition 2023


This week marked the International Competition in Green Innovation Excellence 2023, a platform for inventive minds to address sustainability challenges. The event saw the formation of five teams, meticulously crafted to embody a blend of nationalities, age groups, and gender diversity, aligned with the consortium's vision.

The central challenge posed by an Austrian company entailed devising strategies to influence a consumer's preference for a specific brand of bottled water during the purchase decision. Proposed solutions ranged from enlightening consumers about packaging materials, focusing on the material itself, to encouraging reuse and recycling.

Mentors, representing various project partners, guided the teams, amalgamating their experiences to forge viable solutions. The teams then presented their pitches, each encapsulated within a succinct 5-minute presentation. The proposals and presentations underwent rigorous evaluation by a jury comprising representatives from the four participating CoVEs (Centers of Vocational Excellence). The winning concept advocated for a rating system displayed on bottle labels, offering consumers insights into the water brand's sustainability based on multiple criteria like materials, community involvement, transportation, and production methods.

Members of the victorious team earned the coveted opportunity to attend the forthcoming international project meeting.