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A Week of Discovery and Collaboration: Highlights from GREENOVET's International Project Week in Leiria, Portugal


Last March, participants of the GREENOVET International Project Week embarked on an enriching journey filled with educational and practical experiences focused on sustainability. The event combined in-depth sessions with immersive field trips, providing a dynamic learning environment.

Engaging with the Blue Economy in Peniche

One of the standout experiences was the trip to Peniche, where participants visited the Escola Superior de Turismo e Tecnologia do Mar (ESTM). Here, they delved into the sustainability of marine resources, exploring how local practices contribute to both environmental protection and economic vitality. This visit not only highlighted the practical applications of the Blue Economy but also inspired discussions on potential innovations in marine conservation.

Innovating in Plastic Recovery at Sirplaste

Another significant part of the week was the visit to Sirplaste in Porto de Mós. Participants witnessed firsthand the advanced technologies and methods used for plastic recovery. This visit provided a concrete look at the circular economy in action, showcasing how waste materials can be transformed into valuable resources, thereby reducing environmental impact and fostering sustainability in industrial practices.

These field trips were more than educational excursions; they were a source of inspiration and collaboration among participants. Each visit sparked conversations and ideas on how to integrate sustainability more deeply into vocational education and beyond, reinforcing the importance of hands-on learning experiences in understanding and solving real-world challenges.