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Regional workshop in Styria

The regional workshop in Graz, Austria, was held on 25th January 2021, with 37 participants. It was divided into 2 Workshops:
• Workshop 1, where the skills gap was discussed,• Workshop 2, where the potential role of/benefits for the stakeholders in the project and the CoVE were discussed.


Participants showed their concern about study phases deadlines and that current education system is still too attached to academic training, disregarding the importance of in-company training.
The exchanged opinions were mostly focused on what is needed for green innovation and how to achieve it. During the discussion, transversal competences were defined as key competences for green innovation and several were identified as being important.

How the missing competences that are needed for the green innovation may be implemented, was another subject discussed and some inputs were suggested during this workshop.

Dominant element in this discussion was the importance of creativity. The lack of flexibility in secondary education institutions affects the creativity of the students, and all the representatives of business sectors agreed that creative people are very important in the business sector. In practice, innovation must be recognized and found. Dual training as well as lifelong learning is the key.

Participants also questioned why the Green Innovation in VET is relevant for their organization and several measures where identified.
Within this session, some of the initiatives that are being implemented were also discussed, such as the project (ecological talent) developed by Education Directorate Styria to promote and challenge ecological talents. To conclude, the participants agreed that there are so many things available in Styria, and yet unknown.