Projekt och evenemang som marknadsförs av GREENOVET

Skills for a green city

Vocational skills are the key to faster green transition of the economy and society in general and therefore it is necessary for all parties involved to work actively and intensively on their development and inclusion in the curriculum and educational processes. This was the conclusion of the panel on "Skills for a green city" which was organized within the initiative European Week of Vocational Skills and the project "European Platform for Excellence in Green Innovation and Vocational Education and Training - GREENOVET".


Deputy Minister of Environment and Physical Planning Hristina Odzaklieska stressed that in the last few years the maturing of public awareness about the role of a healthy environment for a better and healthier life of citizens is visible.
"Environmental protection should and must be integrated in all sectors and in all sectoral policies. Green development requires a rapid and equitable transition to a green economy that requires the use of renewable energy sources and the introduction of a circular economy in the direction of sustainable development of society. These changes condition changes in the educational process as well, i.e., retraining and additional training of professional skills. Professional training and training must follow the needs, provide understanding and knowledge, develop an innovative approach and application of innovative techniques and technologies in production processes. From that point of view, I think that projects like Greenovet are of exceptional importance”, Odzaklieska said.
Assoc. Dr. Trajce Velkovski spoke about the establishment of the Center for Excellence in Vocational Education and Training for Development of Green Innovations, which was established at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Skopje, as one of a total of four such centers in Europe.
"It should be emphasized that there is an importance and need to direct young people towards the development of green innovations, which contribute to the creation of key products, services or processes to reduce damage, environmental impact, while optimizing the use of natural resources. Let's teach young and future generations to create innovations that will be the basic drivers for creating an innovative, inclusive and sustainable economy",Velkovski said.
"Green skills, digital skills, entrepreneurial skills and life skills should be the foundation on which education will be built in the future", said Radmil Polenakovich, professor at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, who also announced trainings for teachers to acquire green skills, which can then be passed on to the students.
The European Vocational Skills Week began in 2016, as the European Commission's initiative aims to bring together all parties involved - teachers, organizations, students and trainers - together under one roof - to showcase the benefits of vocational education and training. This year the event is being held from 16 to 20 May in several European countries, and the focus is on the promotion of vocational education and training and green transition.