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Strategic Research in progress

With joint efforts and united minds, our team is working hard on strategic research.
An online survey was conducted in all four regions to get to know the status quo and identify the skills gap. The respondents were wisely selected from the lists of stakeholders.


Right now, the collected data sets are analyzed separately in each region, based on shared opinion, knowledge and experience. Soon we expect to have great and useful regional skills gap reports from Styria, Vaasa, Leiria and Skopje, which will be the main input for the final comparative report “Green Innovation in VET – Perspectives/status quo and challenges”.

Skills gaps are identified and measured in regards to the smart specialization strategies for each region. The results from WP1 will significantly help the second work package while developing and establishing the CoVEs…. Not only WP2 but also the whole project, as it addresses the main goals of the CoVEs.