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Regional workshop in Leiria

The regional workshop in Leiria, Portugal, was held on 19th January 2021 with 56 participants.The participants included several companies, VET providers, local officials and other institutions.
These stakeholders identified environmental problems and areas where further action is needed in the region (eg. development of regional studies that result in reliable data on the impact of by-products of plastic and rubber industries on the environment; the need to increase circular economy by increasing selective collection of garbage materials.)


Furthermore, these stakeholders agreed that an important step would be, firstly, the raising of awareness of the importance of sustainability and of green innovation for the environment and for the society.

For VET providers this could be achieved by infusing these topics transversely in the existing curricula. It is already a practice in some schools within the scope of the national strategy for Citizenship Education, but it is necessary both to infuse it in the technical areas and to create dedicated subject courses on green innovation. Teacher training to allow for both the transversal development of competences by students (in the general education component of the courses as well as in the technical component) and the development of specific competences in the scope of green innovation, is also an area requiring attention.