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Regional workshop Skopje

The regional workshop in Skopje, North Macedonia, was held on 26th January with 35 participants. During the workshop, four breakout rooms were created in which representatives from all target groups were involved.
The interactive workshop resulted in a quality discussion sharing of opinions and directions for future collaboration.


Answering the question about competences provided by the VET institutions, from a green point of view, the participants listed some of the major competences.
When the needed competences for green innovation were discussed as well as the shortcomings that need to be addressed, relevant aspects that should be taken into consideration to encourage green innovation were also defined.

At the end, most of the participants agreed that all three suggested solutions: introducing new relevant subjects to the formal education, extending the existing subjects with new relevant topics and informal courses and trainings should be considered while thinking about implementation of the missing competences needed for the green innovation.

Thereby, regarding the formal education, new relevant subjects could be involved, but the existing curricula must be upgraded, and more courses and trainings should be organized by the informal VET providers. Furthermore, it was stated that all students should receive information and gain knowledge related to the green technologies and to increase their climate literacy, not only those who participate in competitions.